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xxspazianxx's Journal

Nickname: Noodlez
Ethnicity: Filipino <3
Interests: illustration, music, cake, shopping, cute things, wonder
Music: anything

Hello You! Yes you! You know who I am but if you dont heres a brief explaination of my life. Im very shy when it comes to meeting new people but when you get to know me, im crazy. Or so thats what my friends tell me anyway. Im a Filipina and proud of it. I respect and love my friends and family even though they can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I think life is complicating but thats how it is. right? umm, I have been in the music program since middle school. I would do anything for the people that I truely care about. Anyways, im running out of ideas to type so just message me if you want to know more. =] Later!